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ENG basic setup (electronic news gathering)-no assistant

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Video on September 26, 2011 by William Hooks

This is what I’ll be taking tomorrow afternoon, to do stills and video at the antiwar protest in front of the House of Blues- the site of President Obama’s $35,000/plate fundraiser dinner. It’ll be shot in 1080p/24 or 720p/24, depending on consultation with ANSWER personnel for end-use.


hand-held  RRMicro rig, with follow-focus

Nikon D7000, spare battery/cards, Hoodman cinema kit (loupe)

35mm f/1.8 DX

17-35mm f/2.8 D

105mm f/2.8 VR Micro

LED spot light and Nikon SB-700 flash

Rode Videomic Pro shotgun microphone

LowePro Street/Field vest, belt and lens carriers

New Orleans, Louisiana- 6 years after Katrina

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Travel, Video on September 24, 2011 by William Hooks

I just returned from 3 days in New Orleans, including shooting for a snapshot-style documentary about how this city has changed- and hasn’t changed- since August 2005.

The Upper and Lower 9th Wards, Downtown, Metairie and Jefferson Parishes, and the Jean Lafitte National Wildlife Refuge were some of the locales.

It was my first time in both the city and the state, and I hope to return to explore this subject in more depth.

Public Print Exhibition opens tomorrow in southern CA

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Travel, Video on September 21, 2011 by William Hooks

I will be showing work from China and from the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver last year, as part of this 2 month exhibition to begin tomorrow (21 Sept 2011). Several other photographers will be represented as well.

The prints will be on display from 10 AM-5PM except Mondays, at the Hsi Lai Buddist Temple located at 3456 Glenmark Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA. Parking free, admission $1.




Nikon D7000 and D5100 setups with Redrock Micro rig, Konova slider

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Reviews, Video on September 18, 2011 by William Hooks

These are to illustrate some of the possible configurations, and include setup of dual wireless receivers for AudioTechnica lav microphones on the Redrock rig. Also present on that rig is a Stellar STL-3000 LE spotlight.

The D7000 is slightly less convenient to use for this rig compared to the D5100, because of its somewhat larger size in relation to the carbon-fiber rig cage and the layout of its video controls: they aren’t segregated to the right rear as on the D5100 and are arranged to be activated with both hands. I prefer accessing everything I need with only my right hand, including deleting files and activating playback.

This setup works well otherwise, as I can then employ the articulated screen on the D5100 for use on the slider or jib if the 5″ HDMI monitor stays with the D7000.

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Current tasks….

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Reviews, Video on September 15, 2011 by William Hooks

I’m burning a DVD of the first cut of the China documentary from Premiere Elements Pro  (SLOW process).

Meanwhile, some upgrades: Konova ‘s smooth linear 1 meter slider, adding a D7000 and MB-D11 battery pack- which seems to yield very good low-light video!!!; a cable to allow Pocket Wizards to trigger the D7000/D5100 remotely.

Recently, I have written to several who requested being guest posters on this blog. Thanks to them for their interest.

The location scouting for 2 days in Joshua Tree NP was fun, I encountered a long lightning storm on the last morning…plans continue for the upcoming climbing documentary.

I’ve contacted the ANSWER Coalition ‘s LA office regarding coverage of several events in the next month, including a protest on Sunset in West Hollywood  regarding President Obama’s fundraiser on 26 September and an antiwar protest event in early October at the Westwood Federal Building.

In-camera sync of mixed sound, with Zoom H4N digital audio recorder

Posted in Photojournalism, Video on September 10, 2011 by William Hooks

I use a Sescom LIN2mic-Zoom H4N cable with  headphone monitor jack ($35) to avoid having to do audio syncing in post as much as possible, even when using XLR inputs from the H4N to get the best sound quality from external microphones.

Recently I’ve adopted a dual wireless lav system for capturing conversational audio from athletes and during interviews,linked to the Zoom on Channels A and B of the Audio Technica 88 units to prevent interference. The DAR is set to Stereo mode if the Zoom’s XY mics aren’t employed.

Don’t forget the windscreens!

Guest Blogger page added

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Music, Photography, Photojournalism, Reviews, Science Fiction, Studio Portraiture, Travel, Video on September 7, 2011 by William Hooks

This page was designed to respond to recent requests and if there are further questions, please relay them.

To those who’ve inquired: thanks.

Stay thirsty, my friends……. and on my birthday this Sunday, 9/11, I hope that all of us have the chance to reflect upon how that Day of Days has affected the last 10 years- and our future.

Kaku: The Physics of the Future

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Reviews, Science Fiction on September 7, 2011 by William Hooks

This is a book recently released by Professor Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist at CUNY.

I highly recommend it as a possible blueprint for the rest of the 21st century regarding the potential impacts of science, and the resultant scenario of what life may be like by 2100. He was interviewed today on NPR and related that the book was based on trying to replicate the predictive methods of Jules Verne in the nineteenth century- which were usually very accurate.

In doing so, he interviewed hundreds of cutting-edge scientists from many disciplines around the world.

As had been so well said in STAR TREK VI: it’s about the UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, the future. And be prepared for some extraordinary contact lenses…

Labor Day 32nd annual Worker’s Rally and March, Wilmington, CA

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Reviews, Video on September 5, 2011 by William Hooks

I covered portions of this event today using the RRM shoulder rig, D5100, 17-35mm D-Nikkor, Rode VMP mic, Marshall monitor in 720p/24 format for web, to make available to sources such as the ANSWER Coalition’s LA Chapter. A brief clip is posted at my Facebook site.

Included was an interview with Teamsters Local 848 Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate, who commented on the union’s position regarding what would be needed in the future to restore employment.

The setup performed flawlessly. In particular, I like the sound quality of the VM Pro set at +20 dB to deal with crowd noise. I found myself wishing for an assistant, so I could have done some booming and used a telephoto zoom for the stage presentation. Another set of hands to do stills would also have been nice.. I know, I ‘m always wishing upon a star—–