Initial review: Hyperlight Mountain Gear 8.5 ft Square Tarp


internal hang loops

shoes and poles inside tarp

sm file_ detail corner attachment

sm file_ detail int hang loop

sm file_ detail of flying diamond peak line to tree

sm file_ detail trek pole to line

sm file_ FD mode_ front view

sm file_ FD mode_ oblique view

sm file_ FD mode_ rear view

sm file_ FD mode_ side view

sm file_ HMG logo

sm file_ interior view with sl bag

sm file_ shoes and poles in tarp

sm file_ storm mode_ entry view

sm file_detail view_ hitches on line

sm file_detail view_ line onto trek pole

sm file_storm mode_rear view

storm mode_entry view

storm mode_front view

Specs: 72 sq ft area/ c 10 oz including added 50 ft of 2.75mm Sterling Glo-Cord guylines/16 dedicated guypoints/
2 internal metal ring-hang loops/ comes inside a custom cuben fiber stuff sack

This shelter is 100% waterproof and windproof, dimensionally stable with almost no stretch, included 10 precut 3mm guylines. It works for either one or two persons. I’ve posted images showing rigs in ‘storm ‘mode and ‘flying diamond’ mode; the other main pitch I plan to use is standard A-frame mode when ventilation is paramount, as when cooking inside the tarp. Durability and workmanship appears to be excellent- consider especially that no poles of any kind are required for this tarp,so long as suitable solid objects such as trees,sticks or rocks are available.

I use the stuff sack as a storage bag for other items, because it’s difficult to fit the tarp to it with the lines attached. I find it very easy to re-orient any guylines, as they are girth-hitched into their anchors.

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