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>Busy evening in the universe of photography

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 30, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.29

Refined and expanded the Mipoza account/profile; learned some nuggets about using the SB-speedlights in manual low power mode to increase recycling times; more info from Shane Hurlbut’s video series on workflow; when will I find time to really enjoy this 85mm f/1.4 G Nikkor picked up a few days ago???

Starting investigation of New Zealand radiology assignments as Plan B; will update the ModelMayhem images soon. Definitely want to continue to capture as default in RAW+ Normal JPEG so as to allow rapid updating of my online sites!!!!

New 10-10:30 PM deadline for sleeping has been very helpful, keep it up….

>Added the 85mm f/1.4 G Nikkor today

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 26, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s log, Stardate 201103.26

Got the lens at Samy’s, along w 16MB SD and CF SanDisc Extreme cards to enhance video capture.. overcast day.. spent a few min at introductory Sat new TCSP class, then tried to make the huge protest march at downtown LA but will study the images later from others.

Called Rick for quick update on China trip. Kelly is supposed to visit tomorrow evening, I’ll be gone before then. Galen is in SF for the Brittany Spears video session. I’ll work on Mipoza and MMayhem if possible tonight and add helmet cam mounts.

>Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 25, 2011 by William Hooks

>Very busy updating my profiles on and I need to process a lot of images for uploading to my portfolios.

Most of my relocating gear to Los Angeles will be finished after this weekend, and I can sort out what exactly to bring back for specific needs over coming weeks.

With luck, I can catch up with Taylor and see Kendell tomorrow evening.

>Renewed MKR contract until August 2010

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 25, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.24

Signed by Mike and me this afternoon, received bonus $ details and assurance of corrected 3rd week of vacation this spring/summer.

Finished basic packup for return to LA tomorrow evening; had a beer and a meatball Subway to celebrate, maybe watch a DVD tonight. Got some additional GoPro mounts for bike handles and front of helmet, also have the suction cup and got the BacPack working late last night to allow LCD viewing of my work as it’s recording!

Raining, and snowing in the Sierra tonight. Wish I was there with an amigo…..but maybe try out the GoPro in the next 2 days and really start exploring the possibilities…………………………..!

>I’m going to China!

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 22, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.21

Mike Bowers and I finalized plans for my $40K contribution to pension fund (reflecting my 10% deferred raise from last year) and I get relief for a week off sometime in May or early June. So I plan to extend till at least August  here and that means I go to China in July!!!!!

Celebrate today! with maybe some ice cream… a movie?

Shot very first test video with Hero HD helmet cam this afternoon.

>Rain and snow, feeling good-

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 21, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.20

A fast and relatively uneventful return to the Central Valley incl Fresno and Visalia despite the weather, incl snow at the Grapevine; I used my REI dividend to get a wide-angle, 1080p HD- helmet/remote cam from GoPro and it’s charging up on the USB port from this computer at present. I’m eager to try it!

Eat, research Puerto Rico as a possible quick destination for next month, and relax. Three more weeks until my next vacation. After that, we’ll see what develops in coming days perhaps.

Excited to prepare to head to Gonshu Province in China if the dominoes keep lining up!

>New films today x 2

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 18, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.18

BATTLE:LA and LIMITLESS are on the horizon for me. Organized climbing and photo gear in the car for upcoming adventures. Trying to keep current on events in Japan with the encroaching nuclear disaster and how other nations will respond vis-a-vis their own programs-especially the US leadership???

Slated to catch up with Bob Benson in May to see about a position at San Dimas; contacted Global Med about NZ positions; monitoring other published jobs and hopefully will hear from those already contacted in the LA area.

My newest prints have been well received, and appears I have my first print exhibition/ sale c/o Gary Cheung in Los Angeles, with whom I met yesterday.

>500 days from now

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 15, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.14

Tomorrow begins ticket sales for the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London……!!!!!!! I plan to attend the second week and shoot gymnastics, men’s soccer and women’s track- hopefully at least 2 finals.

This evening I shot video of Kendall at The Grove, got out on real rock again for a change, and made appt to have lunch with Bob Benson tomorrow at San Dimas CH. My Honda seems to be running fine, no engine problems found on inspection.

It was a very good start to my week off.

>Finishing a good Sunday in so CA

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 14, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s log, Stardate 201103.13

Had fun planning for China at the Swap Meet with Rick and obtained a nice Zacuto knockoff for video from him.. went to the ProPhoto show in Pasadena and for the very first time, not only saw a real 600mm f/4VR but managed to shoot with the venerated, coveted 400mm f/2.8 VR-surprisingly more handholdable than the former version.

Assembled my backpacking and climbing gear for the most part for the impending Visitor! and spent a great time with Kendell, shooting video of him with Grant as well. Look forward to getting a lot done this vacation week for the good, and enjoying the process.

>Who still thinks only Nixon could go to China?

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on March 10, 2011 by William Hooks

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201103.9

My radiology contract here was extended again today, until at least 1 August 2011, and I received my 2 weeks of vacation for July- so I plan to travel with Rick Yen to shoot and explore in northeast China this summer…. it should be fun to work out the details…now let’s get that $35K raise for last year paid to me soon, and secure my 3rd week of vacation most likely in June.

How unfortunate that Kelly was laid off after only 8 months in Austin- what’s next for him?

Otherwise: time to celebrate! and enjoy this next vacation week.