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Kupo hardware: excellent for AV grip use

Posted in Photography, Reviews, Studio Portraiture, Video on April 5, 2013 by William Hooks

I’m beginning to use Kupo’s line of grip equipment alongside my Matthews gear and have been impressed- it’s very good quality, at a price considerably lower than Matthews’s lineup, and easily available in the southern CA area. I get mine from Samys Camera.

My 40″ extension arm and grip head w hex stud have been helpful for interview setups, instructional videos and studio stills; they make it easy to rig a light, microphone, flag, scrim or reflector with freedom of movement and great stability. I like that the grip head on the extension arm is permanently attached and will not rotate. They attach to any standard light stand.

At the same time, I can reserve the boom/jib for mounting a B or C camera.