MLD Solo Silnylon Inner Net for Duomid shelter

The Inner arrived c 8 1/2 weeks after ordering online from Mountain Laurel Designs. In its gold stuff sack it weighs 10 oz. Therefore, the options of using the Duomid alone (14 oz), the Inner, or both; the tarp alone is lighter than the Zpacks Duplex (23 oz) and both together are almost exactly the same weight as the Duplex but this can be hung using no poles, or with only 1 pole; 2 are required for the Duplex.


As shown, the inner is next to the Duomid and then compared to the stuffed size of the Nemo Transform tarp and the Black Diamond Megalite tarp respectively.

Duomid w Sil Solo Innernet (3)Duomid w Sil Solo Innernet (2)Duomid w Sil Solo Innernet (1)

These shots illustrate the insert within the tarp- nice to be able to set up during a storm in a covered, dry area part of which becomes a great vestibule/work area- here partly covered with a MLD cuben solo groundsheet.


Detail_Innernet apex hang (1)

The apex of the inner can easily be attached via a gold micro-carabiner to a cord, or as an alternative using a shock cord suspended from the inside apex of the tarp and held in place with a cordlock.

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