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The mountains and the snow await, in about 4 weeks

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Photography, Travel, Video on November 24, 2012 by William Hooks

Production days finalized for 26-28 December to return to the eastern Sierra, most likely including snow shelters…. I’m looking forward to finally getting in some real winter weather after so many years in southern CA.

#$!@ I ‘d even take returning to my personal ‘Ithaca’ where I grew up in northern CA right now….any place where it isn’t 80 degrees in late November.

In search of reliable tethering software for the Nikon D600 camera

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Studio Portraiture, Travel, Video on November 5, 2012 by William Hooks

Please call or write if you know of such a program? To my knowledge neither ControlMyNikon nor Camera Control Pro2.x, nor any other commercially available programs seem to support the D600 as of this note…… I would be very grateful for any insights!

Thanks in advance-

Updates- Dramatic film set and dates for December eastern Sierra documentary shoot

Posted in Music, Photography, Reviews, Travel, Video on November 3, 2012 by William Hooks

We ‘re planning to do the dramatic film production next weekend, 10-11 November, at City Center Motel in downtown Los Angeles.

The third, final chapter of ETERNAL GRANTITE is currently planned to be shot 29-30 December in Little Lakes Valley, south of Tom’s Place off HWY 395. I’m enjoying the edit of the project so far, and we are excited to get into some real winter conditions.. I will be using a Kata weather cover for the Nikon D600 on that trip, as it makes working in snow and rain very easy.