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Tentative choice for documentary title

Posted in Music, Photography, Travel, Video on April 16, 2012 by William Hooks

I’ve been pondering what to name my documentary and the first choice I’ve had is THE   RIDDLE   OF   MONZONITE….(monzonite is the kind of quartzite rock that comprises most of Joshua Tree’s climbing routes).

Progress continues to be good toward the projected 11-13 May shoot. I’m enjoying the task of selecting shot types and researching material to be used in finalizing the voiceovers I will do for the piece. Later in the process, I will either compose or select music for the soundtrack.


Documentary shoot dates in Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Travel, Video on April 12, 2012 by William Hooks

The shoot will be over the 11-13 May 2012 weekend in the main park. The crew continues preparations and rehearsals, our next meeting will be in a week.

I’m going to start working on a title for the piece as it keeps evolving, and we’re enjoying the ride……




Second crew meeting completed for JTNP climbing documentary today

Posted in Photography, Reviews, Travel, Video on April 8, 2012 by William Hooks

I really appreciated the long battery life provided by my Nikon EN-EL3e batteries for use in the 5″ Marshall HDMI monitors assigned to 2 of the video cameras for this shoot. I find that 5″ monitors are an excellent blend of visibility for several reviewers, image quality, feature set with peaking and false color filters as well as flip-image (very useful on the jib/minicrane cam), and reasonable pricing.


The sound quality from the Rode NTG-2  shotguns has been excellent.  These are highly recommended for EFP projects in particular, working very well whether on booms or blimps. Cost-effective solution for a wide variety of uses, including dramatic pieces as well as sports, interviews and other recording related to documentary style.


With a crew of about 11, and 2-4 climbers, the project is progressing very well. We’ll be refining some technical issues next Wednesday at another crew meeting, involving both Units ( audiovideo and stills).

Some of the Canon camera users on this team are wishing they had built-in intervalometers for timelapse work- as we Nikonians have!

Crew meeting for upcoming documentary, Joshua Tree National Park

Posted in Photography, Travel, Video on April 4, 2012 by William Hooks

Our first meeting will be tomorrow evening, with assignments to Unit 1 (audiovideo) and Unit 2 (MOS video, stills) and

planning for a  projected weekend shoot between mid-April and mid-May 2012. We will use HD-DSLR’s and a Go Pro Hero HD wearable camera for the climbers.

The subject will be rock climbing- the sport, the exploration of its predominant ‘sterotypical’ image with the public, its risks and demographics.

As a longtime climber, I’ve wanted to create this piece for several years. It will be distributed on DVD and on the web and is planned as a noncommercial project.