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Experimenting with Que Audio narrow-angle shotgun microphone system

Posted in Captain's Personal Log on June 27, 2011 by William Hooks

Just arrived in Visalia and will tweak this mic vs the others for ambient recording/voice/ effects in coming days, before finalizing gear to take to China.

I’ll be relocating my radiology practice a few weeks after returning from China, sometime in mid-August 2011 and moving back to La Puente in southern CA.

My evolving , currently most useful cinematography/video multicamera setup

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Video on June 15, 2011 by William Hooks

Basic Interview-Cinematography Video Setup

Camera 1

Nikon D5100, SanDisc SD cards, zoom lens

Color or Monochrome palette

Neutral to slight low angle, Rule of Thirds face placement

Audio Technica 88 WT wireless lapel dynamic omni microphone/ XLR input 1 or direct to camera

Talent files


Camera 2

Nikon D3s/ video bank, SanDisc CF cards, telephoto lens

Neutral angle

Sennheiser 400 MKE condenser supercardioid microphone/ XLR 2 with stereo cable , Zoom H4N audio recorder on 4 track mode/ optional Mono Mix to split levels (or direct to camera)

Interviewer files

Camera 3

Nikon D300s / video bank, Hoodman RAW CF cards, wide angle lens

Neutral angle

H4N w Rode Videomic Pro condenser supercardioid microphone,stereo extension cable (or direct to camera)

Interaction files


Microphone stand/s



Zoom wired remote for H4N, AC adapter



When separate audio and video is desired and they are to be combined in post, the Zoom H4N is the ticket.When I want to have all AV files auto-synched in -camera, each mic will be directly connected to each camera with a stereo extension cord if needed.

For another camera angle I can also use the GoPro, especially easy with the tripod adapter. That camera as of the present doesn’t allow split audio.

Began shooting stills and video yesterday in Tahoe region

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Photography, Travel, Video on June 3, 2011 by William Hooks

So far, a snowstorm and then overcast, with some sun and a lot of fantastic scenery being revealed… it really feels like a vacation and I’m enjoying every day more up here. Heading back Saturday and may get to Sequoia before returning to work.

I’ll do some editing before then and may post something in the next few days.  Go X-Men!