My evolving , currently most useful cinematography/video multicamera setup

Basic Interview-Cinematography Video Setup

Camera 1

Nikon D5100, SanDisc SD cards, zoom lens

Color or Monochrome palette

Neutral to slight low angle, Rule of Thirds face placement

Audio Technica 88 WT wireless lapel dynamic omni microphone/ XLR input 1 or direct to camera

Talent files


Camera 2

Nikon D3s/ video bank, SanDisc CF cards, telephoto lens

Neutral angle

Sennheiser 400 MKE condenser supercardioid microphone/ XLR 2 with stereo cable , Zoom H4N audio recorder on 4 track mode/ optional Mono Mix to split levels (or direct to camera)

Interviewer files

Camera 3

Nikon D300s / video bank, Hoodman RAW CF cards, wide angle lens

Neutral angle

H4N w Rode Videomic Pro condenser supercardioid microphone,stereo extension cable (or direct to camera)

Interaction files


Microphone stand/s



Zoom wired remote for H4N, AC adapter



When separate audio and video is desired and they are to be combined in post, the Zoom H4N is the ticket.When I want to have all AV files auto-synched in -camera, each mic will be directly connected to each camera with a stereo extension cord if needed.

For another camera angle I can also use the GoPro, especially easy with the tripod adapter. That camera as of the present doesn’t allow split audio.

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