Current tasks….

I’m burning a DVD of the first cut of the China documentary from Premiere Elements Pro  (SLOW process).

Meanwhile, some upgrades: Konova ‘s smooth linear 1 meter slider, adding a D7000 and MB-D11 battery pack- which seems to yield very good low-light video!!!; a cable to allow Pocket Wizards to trigger the D7000/D5100 remotely.

Recently, I have written to several who requested being guest posters on this blog. Thanks to them for their interest.

The location scouting for 2 days in Joshua Tree NP was fun, I encountered a long lightning storm on the last morning…plans continue for the upcoming climbing documentary.

I’ve contacted the ANSWER Coalition ‘s LA office regarding coverage of several events in the next month, including a protest on Sunset in West Hollywood  regarding President Obama’s fundraiser on 26 September and an antiwar protest event in early October at the Westwood Federal Building.

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