Nikon D7000 and D5100 setups with Redrock Micro rig, Konova slider

These are to illustrate some of the possible configurations, and include setup of dual wireless receivers for AudioTechnica lav microphones on the Redrock rig. Also present on that rig is a Stellar STL-3000 LE spotlight.

The D7000 is slightly less convenient to use for this rig compared to the D5100, because of its somewhat larger size in relation to the carbon-fiber rig cage and the layout of its video controls: they aren’t segregated to the right rear as on the D5100 and are arranged to be activated with both hands. I prefer accessing everything I need with only my right hand, including deleting files and activating playback.

This setup works well otherwise, as I can then employ the articulated screen on the D5100 for use on the slider or jib if the 5″ HDMI monitor stays with the D7000.

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