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To the Dark Side… I ‘ve gone Canon 5D Mark III

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Photography, Photojournalism, Reviews, Video with tags , , , , , , , , on August 30, 2013 by William Hooks

After much consideration, I’ve taken the leap to the Canon HD-DSLR system and sold my Nikon system except for the Coolpix S9100. Admitting that I miss the built-in intervalometer of the D600 and especially its ability to create in-camera timelapses…..

Key features of the Canon 5D Mark III (5D3) over the Nikon D600 —FOR ME
1- Tethered shooting with Lightroom 4 (no need to upgrade to version 5)-but caveat emptor…
2- Power aperture in LiveView
3- LV histogram
4- CF and SD cards; I prefer the durability and ease of writing on CF cards in general, and the ease of just inserting an SD card into my notebook’s built-in slot is there when desired
5- Native ISO of 12800 for video
6- Selected better specs for stills incl bracketing, 6FPS, AF points, advanced multiple exposure
7- Time code, including drop-frame and other features (record and playback); at the least this will be used for shot logging, and potentially for post (multicam sync)
8- Ability to manually adjust sound settings, ISO, and exposure while recording video-silently!
9- Accepts the same Hoodman Custom Finder Baseplate
10- Video can be actuated remotely with a $30 RC-6 IR wireless unit and tethered for video and stills via a free
EOS Utility software download (Nikon-it’s free)
11- Extensive video clip info available after recording
12- In-camera slow motion review
13- EF lenses compatible with a wide variety of dedicated, advanced cinema systems such as BlackMagic, EOS C
Cinema camcorder series, and RED. I anticipate at some point venturing into the C 100/ C 300 universe.
14- This camera is a current industry standard for HD-DSLR filmmaking. As such, there is free and paid firmare and software available which is uniquely designed for Canon/5D3 such as the free Technicolor and Marvel Picture Styles.
There are also a number of hardware items made by Manfrotto and other companies which are specific to Canon firmware, such as the Sympla Remote Controller.

Taken in totality, I found these and other considerations to be compelling. Among the other things I though about was the issue of normalizing or standardizing the cameras throughout my crew- and everyone else is already using 5D2, 6D, and 7D. Doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t use Nikons in the future, I ‘m a huge fan of their lenses and flash for example. Very likely I’ll be using a Nikon D5200 for backpacking and timelapses. But for now, I’m starting off very happy indeed with the 5D3.

Beginning steps toward creation of a new documentary about the Zeitgeist Movement

Posted in Captain's Personal Log with tags , , on July 1, 2013 by William Hooks

I ‘m beginning preliminary work to direct and create a collaborative documentary about the Los Angeles Chapter- its members, why they belong to the Movement, and their journeys as they help to achieve its goals whether regionally or otherwise. 

If you are interested in helping me with this project, please contact me and tell me something of your experience with one or more elements which may be needed for such a team. These include writing, research, IT/social media, translators, grips, audio, video, still shooters, musicians, assistant editor/s; this list is not all-inclusive, and if you believe that there’s something else you might wish to contribute I’d like to hear about it.

I would prefer to have team members who have at least a working knowledge of the subject categories listed, but there may be an opportunity for me to train some of those interested if time and other factors allow. It would be helpful if you could share with me what equipment or particular skills you might bring to bear on the project such as cameras, lenses, microphones, musical instruments, or languages spoken.

In addition to this site, I can be reached by cell at (951)-255-9568. I’ve also created a dedicated Facebook page for the documentary ( called ” Zeitgeist Movement, Los Angeles Chapter-Documentary”). 

Thanks for your consideration— and stay out of the heat!