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I’m originally from Chicago, I only work in outer space


Guest Blogger page added

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This page was designed to respond to recent requests and if there are further questions, please relay them.

To those who’ve inquired: thanks.

Stay thirsty, my friends……. and on my birthday this Sunday, 9/11, I hope that all of us have the chance to reflect upon how that Day of Days has affected the last 10 years- and our future.

Kaku: The Physics of the Future

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Reviews, Science Fiction on September 7, 2011 by William Hooks

This is a book recently released by Professor Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist at CUNY.

I highly recommend it as a possible blueprint for the rest of the 21st century regarding the potential impacts of science, and the resultant scenario of what life may be like by 2100. He was interviewed today on NPR and related that the book was based on trying to replicate the predictive methods of Jules Verne in the nineteenth century- which were usually very accurate.

In doing so, he interviewed hundreds of cutting-edge scientists from many disciplines around the world.

As had been so well said in STAR TREK VI: it’s about the UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, the future. And be prepared for some extraordinary contact lenses…

Do yourself a favor

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Science Fiction on May 13, 2011 by William Hooks

Take a few minutes sometime and watch some clips from the second episode of season 4, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE entitled THE VISITOR. It is easily found on YouTube, for example.

I’ve  enjoyed TREK since 1966, when the premiere of the first episode of the original series aired. Of all of the series, DS9 became my personal favorite. And of all of the episodes, this one stands out in my mind and my heart- and that’s saying a lot when you consider TNG ‘s classic ALL GOOD THINGS, and so many others. One of its priceless elements: the music of Dennis Mc Carthy.

If you’re able to see THE VISITOR, let me know what you think?

Coming soon:

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Posts for videos, portraiture, photojournalism, science fiction, travel, reviews of equipment and software as well as tips;

I’ll start with some today.