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Newest PSA on climate change (30 seconds)

Posted in Music, Photojournalism, Video on September 6, 2013 by William Hooks


Behind the scenes with DEP at the ArtBus shoot

Posted in Music, Photography, Video on September 3, 2013 by William Hooks

Updated my Blogroll today- new links

Posted in Music, Photography, Photojournalism, Reviews, Studio Portraiture, Video on July 28, 2013 by William Hooks

I included several programs from the Adobe Master Collection CS6- my core software along with Lightroom for video and still imaging file storage and manipulation.

Also added was Nikon Camera Control Pro 2, which I recommend to Nikonians who want to be able to tether their captures. It supports stills and video.

My Dropbox has been added today

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For those who wish to share video, audio, text and/or photo files with me, please send them to my Dropbox if you have access to this feature.


Dedicated to my ailing piano instructor in northern CA, Larry Gehringer:

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Ex Astris, Scientia

From the stars, knowledge

But of all the loves in my story

You were the one truest love

That which taught me the meaning of ourselves

And the universe

In the Undiscovered Country


Tempus Fugit

Time is fleeting

But you are timeless

And when my time is done

I will be grateful

For the greatest honor of knowing you so well


Semper Fidelis

Always, together-

Never will we part

For you are my sustenance, my faith, and my soul


See the two-part Intro to ABANDON DS9 on YouTube

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Music, Photography, Science Fiction, Video on February 20, 2013 by William Hooks

I posted the video there, due to file size and other tech issues.

Use the title to find it, I hope that you enjoy! I laughed quite a few times while recording the voiceover….and you can take a look at my preliminary, unfinished script for the film which is attached to this posting. STAR TREK_DS9_backup1

[Note: my com pin was damaged from phaser fire at the conclusion of part II]

A short film is in the works, ABANDON DEEP SPACE NINE (Star Trek genre)

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USS-DEFIANT_WebI just completed writing the VO for the introductory clip today. We’re assembling talent and the script is progressing.. warpspeed.