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Signing PC Colour Lab Prints this weekend in Los Angeles

Posted in Captain's Personal Log, Photography on April 14, 2011 by William Hooks

Gary Cheng of PC Colour Labs is preparing 3 large prints for me to sign prior to exhibit for sale, including 2 landscapes and an Olympic Winter Games Men’s hockey image from the game between Sweden and Germany.

I have seen samples of his printing at photo swap meets in the LA area, and was very impressed with the quality.

I plan to sign them at his shop in downtown LA this coming Saturday,  749 E. Temple St  (213)680-7796 if you want to try his service.


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Garibaldi Lake, BC, Canada

I’m a big fan of high dynamic range (HDR) and use primarily Photomatix Pro4, sometimes CS5 when I want a more realistic rendition or when also doing panoramics.

Here’s an example: the image was a composite of 5 handheld shots in the Coast Range of British Columbia with a D300s, 18-55 DX lens and is titled “Don’t forget your down jacket”……..

Equipment and software reviews

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My review style will be based fundamentally on what I find works or doesn’t work for me- under the conditions I encounter. Your mileage may vary, but please feel free to engage me regarding my reviews as I ‘d be happy to learn that one of my cameras or programs has capability I didn’t realize ( or problems I had not yet noted).


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These will be generated with a GoPro Hero wearable camera (up to 1080 HD) and 2 Nikons: the D300s and the D3s at least for the near future.  Both Nikons provide up to 720p HD.. for sound, they will be paired with a Sennheiser 400 MKE and AudioTechnica 8T lapel microphone. For the present I prefer to capture vid and audio simultaneously but in the future, perhaps I will split them and reunite in post.

My upcoming 2 week shoot in northeast China

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I’ll be heading to Shanghai for 3 days during the 4 July week this summer and then flying to the capital of Ganshu Province to document the mountain people there for the provincial government. Both stills and video will be produced, and there is a planned print exhibition in the US for mid-September 2011 located at the Buddist Temple in Hacienda Heights, CA.

As I prepare for this assignment, the equipment  and other items I will take will be discussed here., a new concept in online photojournalism

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I’ve included a link to this site- the idea is that the online audience primarily decides which stories are funded and therefore covered by the shooters. This is known as groupfunding- and substantial sums have been raised for some of these projects.

Coming soon:

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Posts for videos, portraiture, photojournalism, science fiction, travel, reviews of equipment and software as well as tips;

I’ll start with some today.

Does anyone have a 400mm f/2.8 VR Nikkor to rent? sell?

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Please contact me with details if you like.

One of my greatest regrets in life

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will be that I did not write the score to CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982), the film I saw the night I passed my radiology board examination in Louisville, KY.  That music has inspired me ever since.

>My new website

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The blog is being transferred to my new site- the address is

I hope you enjoy it.