ANSWER Coalition-sponsored event, Monday 26 March: For Trayvon Martin

In honor of the memory of this young man from Florida whom I will never know, on Monday I plan to document the outpouring of sympathy and empathy for his parents in downtown Los Angeles. In the process I hope to assemble a series of interviews with persons attending the event, to  allow them to speak about what they perceive has happened regarding this case.

As an editorial comment, I’d like to express that it is my fondest wish that the person who killed him be arrested, charged, prosecuted, and if convicted that he receive an appropriate sentence. As a recent juror, I’m keenly aware of the fact that at least in this country and for at least some defendants, there is the presumption of innocence.  The problem from my perspective is that all too often ‘certain’ members of our society are denied the rights others enjoy, for reasons I had hoped were relegated to history. So far, that hope has not been realized.

By the way, don’t worry : I ‘ll leave my Skittles and iced tea at home.



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