ENG setup for ANSWER Event, 3/26/12

I used the RedRock Micro Event rig with a Nikon D5100, a Marshall 5″ HDMI monitor, 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikkor, and the Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone. The mic output was relayed directly to the camera, via an XLR-3mm plug converter.The RRM follow-focus was also used. My SanDisc 16GB Extreme Pro (class 10) card was more than sufficient.

Due to the late afternoon timing with excellent ambient lighting, no artificial lights were needed.

Because of the Nikon EN-EL3e add-on battery pack, I was able to use the monitor for several hours with no concern for power.  I often find that the 24-70 is a very good compromise for a single lens doing interviews and B-roll in average light, with f/2.8 available and utiliarian zoom range on either FX or DX cameras. The fact that it’s parfocal is a bonus, if zooming is to be done. I usually like to set focus at the long end of a zoom, observing that this procedure tends to yield the best overall results.

For sound levels, I pre-tested the NTG-2 with the D5100 set to medium and high sensitivity and found that as usual, the +2 (medium) setting was best while monitoring with headphones and the Zoom H4N DAR.

ENG was straightforward with the D5100 for several reasons: first, it’s a very light camera for a full HD-DSLR and is easy to use on a light rig for hours at a time. Second, the main video controls can be accessed with only the right hand- allowing constant support of the rig from the left hand. In particular, placement of the video ON/OFF button is such that I can simply hold the camera and toggle without any shifting of position. Third, aperture can be adjusted while in LiveView- unlike with the D7000.  Although I appreciate the dual cards and improved build quality of that camera, this is a significant advantage of the D5100 for video.


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