Day of Action Events, Los Angeles, CA

I completed HD-video coverage of the -sponsored union action in downtown this afternoon, proceeding from the OccupyLA encampment area at 1st and Spring Streets to the financial district, including a large protest at the bank of my personal (at least prior) choice- Bof A.

See the postings to go online later at their website for more information and to witness, from several POV’s, what transpired there. The law enforcement presense was substantial and there was  what  seemed to me a schizophrenic relationship between that contingent and the crowd; uneasy and tentative but with, to my knowledge, no use of chemical agents or projectiles. Others also covering the day may have obtained new information regarding this issue….

This material will also contribute to my ongoing documentary of the Occupy movement. I used the D7000 for 1080p/24 files, and the Audio Technica 8004L handheld omni microphone for direct capture. The D3s went with me for the few stills I made.


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