Burning DVD’s of video projects using Adobe Premiere Elements 9

During my DVD burn session, this evening I wanted to relate what I’ve learned about Premiere Elements 9 (PE9) as a way of sharing my videos.

First, I ‘ve observed that it’s straightforward and easy to accomplish IF your computer in FACT meets the stated requirements posted by Adobe’s website for PE9. This applies to their full program, Premiere Pro CS5.5  as well- and it requires a great deal more computing power than PE9, even without considering optional linked applications such as AfterEffects for motion graphics and Audition for high-end audio editing /output. I’m able to burn many DVD’s containing approx 30 min content in about that same time (half hour).

Second, be careful to correctly specify what DVD format you ‘d like to use such as Dolby Widescreen vs Dolby regulation format while setting up the burn in the program. It’s very helpful that you can easily arrange to burn multiple copies at this stage.

Third, it becomes clear why full HD (1080p) is preferred for DVD while 720p is fine for web output, as full HD is also suitable for Blu-Ray and looks excellent at large viewing dimensions. I prefer to produce video in 1080p unless I’m sure that I will not need more than 720p file sizes at the preproduction/production stages of the project.

Fourth, pay close attention to the quality of your audio during production as you may have relatively little fine-tuning control of this aspect with your DVD player system.

I currently use Memorex DVD-R 16x (120 min) 4.7 GB DVD’s. Please refer to my equipment page for more on what notebook I use.



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  1. Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable sorcue? Oh well, gj!

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