Manfrotto SYMPLA Clamp-On Remote Control for Canon DSLRs

Manfr_Remote controller

DSCN0401DSCN0398This is an initial, preliminary review. I recently added this item to my 5D3 system, primarily for video, and so far it’s promising to make life much easier for shooting with a jib and on a shoulder rig in particular. Theses situations call for being able to control the camera remotely if feasible.

The part number for this unit at B&H is Manfrotto SYMPLA MVR911ECCN.

I paid the B&Hprice of approx $280 at Samys Pasadena, CA.

What can I do with this? I can set a focus range for racking in or out; turn Live View on or off, record and stop video or take stills, WITHOUT touching the camera. I can use digital zoom to check focus.

The initial tests show that it works as advertised with the 5D3.I still need to test with a longer USB cable to allow more flexibility on rigs and jib if possible…stay tuned.

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