First steps shooting with Canon EOS Cinema C100 at Filmtools, Burbank CA

I spent some time last week with Jim Martin at Filmtools, evaluating and shooting the C100 and editing the files in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

These were some of my observations of note:

The camera was well over $6K 6 months ago and is now approx $5000, substantially less than a Nikon D4s or Canon 1DX

Excellent low light capability, far superior to the 5D3 at ISO 20,000-80,000 (!!!!!!)

Expected in June 2014: dedicated remote unit; dual pixel AF upgrade option pending

2 XLR’s integrated into the workflow as options on the handle, allowing elimination of syncing in post if desired (!!)- and stereo mics on board

in a camera which is set up for Canon lenses and color rendition

Excellent financing options available

ND filters/rapid exposure and focus assist built in, allowing significant gain in operational speed (indoor to outdoor, etc)

Programmable function buttons

Excellent silent cooling system; no hard time limit on recording

Can record directly to second card in standard def for outpt to DVD or web, with dramatic reduction in file sizes

Integrates very well with RedRock Micro cage and rig systems

Files are completely native to my Pr Pro and AE CS6 NLE system; I can edit exactly as I already do with my 5D3 files

Compact light, ergonomic and largely modular form factor

If I can find the financial means, this camera is in my sights.

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