Followup review of the Canon 5D Mark III

What do I NOT like about the 5D3/ Canon DSLR systems?

– No crop mode such as DX/ FX (Nikon got this RIGHT)
– No highly compressed 1080p/24 to reduce file sizes..NO 1080p/60!!!!
– No XLR inputs**
– Much more difficult to achieve ‘image overlay’ process in-camera (again, Nikon got this right)
– No built-in intervalometer (Please take a tip from Nikon??)
– Overheating during some longer video recordings**
– Beep mode is too quiet to be useful in a number of situations, especially outdoors
– (Overly)complex AF system
– Canon super telephotos tend to be much more expensive than Nikon counterparts
– No recording of an StdDef-quality vid version on a second card, for output to DVD/web**
– No ND filters built in ** (I’m reaching here….)

I prefer to use Nikons for photography and Canons for video… YMMV.

** these and other issues are well addressed by the Canon EOS Cinema camera line.

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