More thoughts about the Nikon D600 FX camera

After several months of intensive use, these are some of my comments about the D600:

It continues to impress me with its overall versatility, good build quality, audio and video features and (actually) more resolution than I often need. One of the times when I find the 24MP files especially useful, though, is when required to crop heavily for print formats. I find that in most of these cases, the shoots cannot be rescheduled. Although I don’t have power aperture as on the D800/D4, it can be approximated by using a lens with an aperture ring.

While in a -15deg F snow camp in December, I was happy to observe that the battery functioned normally (!)

My experience with the camera has led me to use the battery grip moderately often, but in the field the ability to take a much lighter body and not sacrifice FX and feature set has been a huge advantage. Among the features I seem to be using most are in-camera HDR, timelapse, bracketing, and rapid switching between DX and FX format without the need to change lenses. Almost anything that avoids lens changes in the field is seen as a benefit for me- less to get inside the camera, faster operation, being able to push ISO and other attributes of the body to make the most use of each lens.

The menus have become even more intuitive with practice, and I have very few complaints regarding them. The control layout seems excellent to me…..

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