Using an HDMI splitter, 500mm f/4 Nikkor, 2 monitors, and Manfrotto tripod/head

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This is one setup which allows very fast lens changes from fisheye to super telephoto, thanks to the Acratech adapter interposed between the short Manfrotto tripod plate and the lens or camera itself. If I’m using a RedRock Cinema rig, I attach it with a separate pre-installed long Manfrotto plate. These plates seem very secure for their corresponding loads.

For a multicam shoot, a Giottos tripod is used with its own QR plate and a Weifeng fluid head to run the B camera. Both tripods work with either of my floor dolly models.

The splitter is located on one of the tripod legs in the lower left. The director or talent in front of the camera can view on a separate monitor, at the same time as both the camera operator and the focus puller with this system. The camera, both monitors, LED lighting, and wireless lav microphone can all run from an AC outlet as shown here. All of these components are easy to use with independent batteries, as well.

It would be nice if sound could also be reviewed with no adjustments… but I can still listen to it, simply by disconnecting the splitter from the camera. After all- I’m on budget.

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