Rain…. arrival in Wuxi this evening

Visited a large ancient barrier wall erected for preventing invasion of the city nearby-called the Dongshuiguan Ruins; then the venerated Yangtze River Bridge, with its magnificent Soviet-style statues on either side of the roadway, in a rainstorm.

There was a visit to a site where antique methods are still used to produce hand- painted intricate art with fine brushes, on crystal. Then we headed for a large lake where pearls are harvested, surrounded by bucolic gardens  enroute to the city.

At the base of the bridge was an enormous statue of Chairman Mao, with rooms to chronicle the rise of the Revolution and a sort of archive of publications of the period.

We’re cooling our heels in Wuxi and Iam catching up on international political developments on CNN… planning additional interviews for tomorrow if time permits.

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