Interview with Chinese Painter Hu Meng today, start of a series

I had 2 meals today, both were broccoli with Chinese beers and bread. I enjoyed the food, and watching other people eat exotic things I wouldn’t dream of having.
It was hot most of the day here in Jinan, about 6 million people reside here. Traveled up a tram to a Buddist temple and mountaintop after a hike,  and then went to a large lake where we encountered a large temple and 2 adjacent buildings; I asked about the north building and was told it was holding an art exhibition. Upon entering, I was granted an extended interview with the artist- a Chinese painter named Hu Meng. He and his assistants helped my translator and assistant with the sound/booming the microphone and setting up, incl lighting and other details. My translator is Mr. Mah.
When I completed the interview and showed them some of it, I was asked to return tomorrow to begin a series of lectures by the artist re painting and to be interviewed as his foreign guest for the media. He asked that should he have a USA exhibit on the west coast that I cover it and be one of his liasons for galleries there. My translator and assistant will return to help with the project. He also gave me a personal gift of a smaller version of his latest painting and a signed (in Chinese) book of his art to keep. I was very grateful for these opportunities-
I have been introduced to the multitude that is China. The scale of this medium-sized city by their standards easily rivals Los Angeles- and there are at least a dozen similar cities in this country……

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