>A special Masters Sunday

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201104.10

Tiger showed flashes of his grandeur this day with a 31 on the front nine..if he hadn’t shot 74 yesterday I really believe he would be Masters Champion today.  Soon, Tiger……..!!!!!!! The US Open awaits.

Meanwhile: I gave my China flight info to Rick, traded for the 105 VR with Elvis (owe him $50), and shot my first-ever HD video expressly for TCSP/ Albert requested for the ad for the new website, TradeforPrints.com- featuring Laura Shodire in a PR piece shot with the new 85 f/1.4 and other clips with the 17-35 and 50 f/1.4, using my brand new Weifeng WF-718 video fluid head. Too rushed to try the new 77mm 4x ND filter even though it might have been perfect, with bright sunshine ruling the shoot..

Need to send some to Brandon Buie so he can do the editing I’m too lazy to get to.

One Response to “>A special Masters Sunday”

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