In the beginning…………..

We ran out of food

Captain’s Log, Stardate 201104.10

The first entry in my website blog, where in the future I plan to explore video and photography, music, politics, science fiction, and many other issues.

As time allows, the site will cotinue construction just as it requires a period to complete a starship or – close to my heart- the United Federation of Planets station DEEP SPACE NINE……… meanwhile: welcome. I can be found on Facebook, ModelMayhem,, and e-mail me at

Phone: (951)-255-9568

2 Responses to “In the beginning…………..”

  1. Ex astris, scientia: knowledge from the stars…. our continual search for meaning, understanding, and appreciation of the universe in which we live.

  2. Fantastic post . I entirely trust all the items and also constructive criticism. You’ve got a new audience and I am planning to look at blog usually.

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