>The earth has returned to its proper course

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201104.8

As Tiger Woods contends for his 15th !!!!!!!!!!! major championship victory today at Augusta, with a 66 this Friday. I rejoice to think that he is on his way again. This gives a spring to my every step and puts a smile on my face. As if he ever needs to win again to convince me- and so many others- that he’s the greatest this game has ever seen- but there’s just something RIGHT about his re-emergence whether this weekend or whenever it should occur. Tiger seems destined to continue to do things the rest of us cannot imagine.

Other than that, I guess there’s not much on my mind except to keep learning the tech details of advanced Nikon CLS system flash. Nice day. Drove through a snowstorm over Tejon Pass to get back here!

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