Lilliput 665 O/P 7″ monitor

DSCN2204 DSCN2205 DSCN2207 DSCN2212This monitor runs on Sony batteries, Canon LP6’s, AC with adapter,  and 14.8v Li ion brick batteries such as the Switronix L90S using an onboard V-mount or P-tap cable to 4-pin XLR. These batteries also allow powering of the GH4 camera, LED light panels and the Zoom H6 DAR, great for situations where AC sources are not available.

It loops allowing HDMI or SDI (serial digital interface) in and out. If employing SDI, there’s a required Composite/BNC adapter;  easy to interchange battery mounts.

Resolution is 1080p. There is an onboard speaker with audible audio.[No headphone jack]

At $250, it was a steal— and I only drove about 10 min from my garage to get it.

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