Shots of Ledgo 600 watt LED panel, Benro S8 video fluid head

These will let me light on location using a V-mount Li ion battery as well as the usual studio setup, as shown here. I included illustration of the charger for the battery… this system gives reliable power for an all-day shoot whether to the lights or audio recorder for example. The 300 watt Husky LED panel runs only on wall power.

The S8 head carries up to 22 pound payloads, somewhat more than my Manfrotto heads. I like the included bubble -level light for low-light leveling of this head.

5D3_70D_monopod_hi hat

Benro S8 video head

Ledgo 600 LED panel

V mount charger_battery

Wide shot_ LED panels w S8 head_monopod_hihat

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