My favorite way of creating basic timelapses with the Canon 5D Mark III and Premiere Pro

I use the method of selecting “image sequence” box in lower left corner of import window for THE FIRST IMAGE ONLY, to convert the photo set of images into a video sequence in Premiere Pro. This can be easily confirmed by checking for the filmstrip icon next to the file, in the LIST view mode of the Project panel.

    Advantages of this workflow:

1- No additional software needed; I use LR Timelapse 3.1 (LR= Level Ramp) for certain more advanced work, but only the free trial version which limits to 400 images and it’s much less intuitive.

2-I can employ all the power of the entire Adobe Master Collection for post, including PS for graphics, AE for motion graphics, Audition for added sound/music, etc- just as for any other video project. No change in GUI.

3-It’s rapidly accomplished.

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