Director’s helpers… the Atlona 3 way HDMI switch and Rocksoul dual HDMI splitter

Rainy day here in the southern CA area, a good time to be in the studio…

I find the HDMI splitter and switch to be very helpful in reviewing multicam setups and making decisions about positioning, intercamera white balance,  lighting and sound from a single position. They help with both still photography and video.

The switch allows up to 3 inputs, typically cameras, automatically routing each in succession to the main 25″ TV monitor to evaluate.

The splitter allows seeing the output from one camera while at another camera , such as when using both a jib cam and a cinema rig with 2 Marshall 5″ monitors.  I find this system to be a great time-saver and it’s good that each router also supports HD sound.

They can also be connected in series from cameras to switch and then to the splitter, with 2 cables then yielding output to the  Marshall monitors. This configuration allows maximum flexibility, for example when capturing 720p/24 with a D3s and simultaneously capturing 1080p/24 with the D7000 and D5100.

I obtained mine from Fry’s Electronics.

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