Field testing Lowe Pro’s Sport Sling 100AW backpack

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For the next several days I plan to load this backpack and evaluate it for still and video landscape work, in the Sedona region of Arizona.

The idea will be to employ minimal camera gear, winter clothing and trek poles and try to get to some good locations to experiment with HDR video and other techniques.

I’ve added specialized presets to the Slideshow module in Lightroom, which allows processing for HDR video from still image sets.


After using this item for a few days, these are my thoughts:

Bright orange easily seen pack color with reflective piping, excellent for visibility in low light. I liked being able to open the camera bay on the side of the pack without risking spilling the contents; the amount of room for additional gear was surprisingly adequate, especially considering the extremely light weight and overall small size of the pack. A water bottle pouch with compression straps also allows carrying a small tripod. It has a small top pocket as well as paired compression straps at its base.

There was no need to ever take this pack off and set it on the ground, due to the sling design.  The pack can only be carried in one particular way, also due to this design; very comfortable back panel with padding.

It rained for 2 of the last 4 days, and the base’s all-weather cover is be considered an ingeneous alternative to carrying a separate rain cover.

In short, I would highly recommend it for day hikes not involving more than a camera body and 1-2 lenses or equivalent. It allows fast, safe access to photo gear while engaging in action sports.



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