Occupy LA Wall Street Protest, 1 October 2011

I shot HD-video at this event, located at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles, prior to the start of the march to City Hall.

The D7000 was set for 1080p/24 FPS and I found the 17-24mm D- Nikkor to work very well in close quarters, although it would have been nice to have brought the 70-200mm for some shots of the legal team as they gave advice to the protesters from a makeshift stage. The shoulder rig was excellent for this kind of ENG.

Audio was captured with the Rode VideoMic Pro, directly into the camera. I was very satisfied with the sound quality in post.

The parking was only $6 for all day- not bad, but I wasn’t about to talk about that given the subjects at hand….

Concurrently, there was a massive related protest in NYC centered at the Brooklyn Bridge- take a look at the ANSWER.com site or HuffingtonPost.com, CNN, RT, etc for more information.

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