Followup: Nikon D5100 evaluation

I’m delighted to find that this camera’s small and light form has already made my videography life much easier. I can mount it on a boom and maneuver in a way which would be much less practical with D3 -sized cameras.  The battery life in normal temperatures has proven to be more than adequate for my needs, noting that I carry at least one spare.  Availability of very high-capacity SDXC cards which are compatible with this camera allows for realistic application of its longer clip recordings, up to 20 minutes.

Clearly its low-light capacity is not in the same class as the D3s. I don’t use its viewfinder much, not only because it seems inferior to the FX models but the articulated screen works very well- and I can use  the same monitor loupes with all 3 HD-DSLR’s as they’re  3-inch diagonal size.

Some remaining potential issues for my kind of use: how does the battery behave in very cold weather? What about the durability of its shutter? More testing will tell.

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