>The finish of another vacation week, and another rad conference

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201102.13

Back in Visalia after an evening drive, hearing that my mother had a car accident and blacked out at the wheel near the apartment today (but seems all right tonight), Kendell has what sounds like viral gastroenteritis, and I was not able to get to the TCSP meeting re the June auction…. but- it’s very nice to have the LARS conference online and backed up on my 2GB thumb drive; got to talk with Midi twice and got some nice e-mails.. Rick Yen invited me to China for a week this July to shoot and explore the northeast part of the country! And I got Elvis’s phone # and last name: Phan, and met his wife for the first time at the Pasadena show over lunch.

Now I plan to continue moving gear to LA, follow up on job search, go to Thursday VPG meeting, and catch up with Charles this week- maybe heading to the snow some day soon.

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