>Moving gear and supplies back to La Puente over the coming months

>I’ve already been doing this… continue this week with haulbags, food, magazines, books, DVD’s, Ramer ski poles, climbing ropes and some of my camera bags as well as my MKR contract and lease for this apartment. If I end up staying in the Tulare/Visalia area after May, I can always select what to bring back.

This is the first time I’ve had the enjoyment of studying a radiology syllabus online whenever and however I please, with accurated rendition exactly as it was at the meeting… neat! It was so nice not to take (almost any) notes there and have the feeling that I wasn’t missing anything important; and I can refer to sessions I didn’t attend equally well. Another advantage: no extra paper/volumes to store and take up space; and I can always print what I wish for a specific application.

I’m sold.

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