First HDR video short completed this evening

Just finished my first-ever HDR video short, using After Effects and Photomatix Pro before sending to Premiere Pro for final post-processing including adjustment layers. I’m excited to apply this method in future projects.

This clip was graded with an amber look. I mean, come on- Halloween’s in a few weeks.

Advantages over just renting or otherwise using Magic Lantern on SD card:
-I can use both cards as usual, allowing backup of video capture for example
-no modification at all to the camera, and no additional cost for ultra-CF cards
-no risk of malfunctions
-the workflow is independent of the number of cameras used, and the shot list is unchanged (if you like)
-I find that Photomatix Pro gives precise, powerful control over a huge variety of HDR and tonemapping options which can be applied to both photography and video- and I already had the program. This includes the important ability to
do B/W HDR simply by creating the appropriate preset

I see using this method to create segments of HDR in a piece, more often than for generating an entire HDR universe for a narrative film. I might feel more comfortable with the latter if I had more robust computing power, but so far I’ve been doing my projects with a laptop.

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