Motorized vertical slider (Konova)

This is an optional feature I added in order to enable smooth vertical clips in motion, using a Black & Decker hand drill as the ‘engine’ and connecting to the slider with a length of cord (thanks to Eric Ortlieb again, for inspiring this design). The pre-existing Matthews clamp and spud were used to attach the drill to the Konova slider at its top.

This system will yield clips of about 5 second duration moving up, and about 7 seconds with downward camera motion. I like that it’s easy to assemble and break down, as well as the price: about $20 for the drill and $10 for 25 yards of cord.

For many near-horizontal camera motions, I simply employ gravity by slightly raising one end of the Konova or my 4ft aluminum custom slider and fine

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tuning the resistance on the slider ‘s ball head.

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