>THE WORLD AT WAR and its music

>Captain’s log, Stardate 201102.23

Late last night I had the wonderful experience of reliving the series and its seminal score by Carl Davis. I often have wondered what it would have actually been like to not know how WW II was going to end, to have lived through that 6 years. Would that have been a magnificent blessing- making it as clear as possible that we can NEVER have another world war- or the most horrific curse?

Today was not difficult at work; Midi’s unhappy as a Spanish climber is soon returning to Europe -but found that water bottle…

I continue sorting items to relocate, and catch up on politics. Nothing exciting happening- if I don’t work full time this summer, it would certainly be great to really concentrate on backcountry trips and photography, spend serious time at TCSP/TCPA, and enjoy more time with my children and grandson. Also, consider further CME if feasible.

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