>Arrived in LA during another storm

>Captain’s Log, Stardate 201102.18

Tough drive after a 9 hr workday at That Place… but the Subway tuna was good and I got the news that the Jetboil Sol is released, want to try one soon for alpine use! Called Midi on a very good quality line from Leval West stop enroute.

Unloaded another batch relocated here, that project’s going well. People really seem to like those HDR shots I did in the alley in Covina- so do something different and create something else!

My thoughts turn to the past as I often ponder what it might have been like to live through WW II and not know how it would end. Then I think of my own lost people, like Larry Gehringer my first music teacher on piano, wondering if we ‘d make it up Gough St hill in San Francisco to get to his apartment for my lessons… and how sad I was when my mother told me he had died. I remember them all. Gordon Lowe, Pik’, Poppe,
George Matthews, Ruth Kilby, Joyce Hodge, those who helped me so much along my way to finding my place in the world and how I saw myself in it.

I’m tired, but happy. When others have no confidence in me, I always believe in myself. The future is uncertain, but I’m not. Life will evolve and I intend to enjoy the continuing journey. Let’s see if I can start by making the most of this storm after the photo shoot in the morning…….?

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