>Nice day as float radiologist

>Captain’s log, Stardate 201102.15

Dan H returned over lunch from the dismissal of a lawsuit… I had a nice bask in the sun over part of my lunch break at the local park.

While reading images this afternoon, I had a fond memory of the very first diagnostic image I ever saw- a CXR in my Dad’s office in Terra Linda, CA in about 1969. It’s been 42 years… can’t believe how fast those years melted away.

Lawrence O’Donnell has impressed me on MSNBC with his dedication to calling out racists and other all-too-frequent folks. I think it’s fine that there is an alternative to watching Fox News, where you might be convinced that the President is not only not American but a member of a Feared Faith. If I’m lucky, someday maybe I ‘ll have a chance to share a table with him or with Rachel Maddow… that’s an exciting thought!

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